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Holy shit how does @deadlyclaris on twitter get almost everyone to reply to her like is she a DJ as well or is she friends with all of the artists? (hugo, porter, etc)




Hello hi. I’m deadlyclaris on twitter, and this anon is terribly creepy and I’d ask it not to bother other people if they’re curious about me personally. Sorry Angela, that’s really strange.

DJ Poopolous in da house.


There’s not enough quality MUCC posts on my dash!
Do you guys have any recommendations as to  who I should follow?

Also, if you post MUCC related things frequently,  you should click the on this post so I can check out your blog! Even if it’s a personal blog, maybe we’ll have enough in common for me to follow!

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If I was a dragon, I’d sleep on a mountain of band merch.

"Thanks Hokkaido. I’m back, Tokyo. There is Yume chan, a pitbull, who I met yesterday in a delicious shop. Even though that imposing face, she is only 9 months old female." - miyaguchi

DIR EN GREY、「人間と肉体性」をテーマにToshiyaとカメラマン宮原
夢画による衝撃のフォトセッションが実現  (source: barks)
DIR EN GREY's 1st ALBUM 『GAUZE』 is 15 years old today! 
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