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離さないで (hanasanaide)  =  Don’t let go.

HnG vol.63

The road on the right, the road on the left, they are both leading to the same road in the end.
Apart from the success and failure cases, the shitty road that leads there is the same everywhere,
eventually no matter what kind of business we do, which road we choose, no matter if I reach the exit or not,
the wound we suffer is the same.

I don’t drink, I also don’t gamble,
I’m living a regular life for several months without staying up late.
I want to create music, I simply want to express myself.

It’s not like I’m selling off everything besides my private life and self-expression and changing for the money.

That’s why I start feeling like I don’t want to do anything.

I’m not anyone’s dog.
I am me.

That’s why I will treasure my genuine/true fans even more now.
Purity/genuineness is destroyed by time and relations with surrounding people and other things before we knew it.

Time and genuineness, I want to treasure those even more from now on.
That’s my life.
But I’m affected by the life of my genuine fans greatly.
That’s why, I will do my best to have more pride, being me. Really.

To my genuine fans,

Best regards/please take care of me from now on as well.

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Kyoto after the rain by Terao Kaionin